It’s not the entitlement, it’s who the entitled are….


December 29, 2012 by Jan Stone

We’re nearing the fiscal cliff deadline, which means if Republicans can’t agree the wealthiest Americans should share the tax burdens in a relative fashion, we all will pay more taxes in 2013. Except for the millionaires and billionaires who already have more loopholes and offshore accounts than we can list. Which brings up the elephant still in the room — why wouldn’t you share your tax returns Mr. Romney? I suspect the answer would clarify why his party will allow the tax laws to elapse and require us all to pay more than we are paying now, except for the ones who can afford it most.

The audacity and arrogance are mind numbing. How can a GOP whose very platform was the abuse of entitlements such as, oh say unemployment compensation after companies exported their jobs to China and health care to companies who made the cost of insurance prohibitively high before RomneyCare, aka ObamaCare completely kicks in, how can they sincerely say people making over a quarter or half a million dollars are entitled to pay less taxes than those bringing home $40,000 per year after current taxes?

Anything the GOP proposes that doesn’t include higher taxes for the wealthiest Americans without taking anything else away from everyone else may have one benefit: it’s got to be the last nail in their casket. These guys/gals haven’t met an entitlement they approve of unless they benefit from it solely. So go ahead. Vote us off the fiscal cliff. A little more pain until you are voted into extinction is a big price, but it will be worth it soon enough.

Remember Mr. Romney and party being stunned when they were tossed off the presidential cliff in November? (The memory of Mr. Rove denying Ohio still boggles the sane mind.) Imagine the surprise of GOP reps and senators up for election in the next cycle if we all take the fall of the pending fiscal cliff. I suspect they’ll be no more prepared for the ramifications then, and we can all enjoy watching FOX for weeks thereafter!

Audacity and arrogance are a dangerous combination. And you know what they say about payback….

One thought on “It’s not the entitlement, it’s who the entitled are….

  1. skokielib says:

    How is it that a party that has publicly admitted that it must begin to appeal to more than rich white people can spend so much effort digging a deeper trench around those very rich. The American public spoke loudly that it approved of tax hikes on those making over $250k. President Obama even offered a compromise of $400k, and yet, here we are, facing the new year, and the extreme risk of a double dip recession solely so that the Republican Party can continue to protect the rich.

    Jobs are NOT created because of tax policy. Jobs are created when there is enough demand for a product or service that the company building/providing that product or service needs to add people and buy equipment. The American economy requires heavy middle class spending in order to grow. The focus of any tax cuts should be on those in the middle class. I would argue that given our budget problems, we need to go lower than $250k, but that is a number that is a very good start!


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