Oh, Puhleeze Elizabeth, The View You Took is Silly

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February 20, 2013 by Jan Stone

I was watching The View just now — against my better judgement. Not because I don’t like it, but because it’s distracting. And comedic today because Elizabeth Hasselbeck, the pretty blonde Republican, just said if you can play golf with Tiger Woods, you’re too good; you’re playing too much golf.

Obviously, this is another foolishly wasted bullet for President Obama, who has worked far more days than his predecessor. She must not have any idea how many more. Despite the time it took for the former President and his cabal to make up the need for a war in Iraq, put us trillions of dollars into debt, knock millions out of their jobs, former President George W. Bush racked up 32% of his time in office on vacation. It was a record breaker, in fact. Talk about entitlement.

Maybe that’s why he missed that top-secret National Security advisory in August of 2001 entitled something to the tune of “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.”

Which reminds me, didn’t the Republican’s leave for vacation this week before allowing the nomination of a Defense Secretary? I believe that, too, is another broken record–not allowing the nomination of an important Cabinet position–Defense Secretary–while there are some 66,000 US troops at war. To the troops in Afghanistan and their families here at home: many of us are so beyond appreciative and proud of your sacrifices, and, yes, many of us are ashamed of our government’s lack of concern. Thank goodness for elections.

BTW, I found these facts in moments. Could the GOP please, at the very least, fact check before commenting? Stop Being Stupid. It’s literally killing us.



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