Eric Cantor will propose Federal Law that Ends Overtime Pay for hourly workers

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February 25, 2013 by Jan Stone

After an evening of being reminded of the magic of music, film, stories and people with the ability to take us away from the craziness in our lives for even a few hours, I’m genuinely saddened that some of those who would want to lead our country instead bombard us with lies, threats, innuendo, racism and selfishness.

In watching the Academy Awards, I was reminded of how important culture is: how notes become songs that transform, how words become scripts that inspire; how the mystery of the imagination remains vital to our health and humanity. If only…if only it could silence the lies and remind us all of the majesty of our tolerance when it’s painted by the creative souls who somehow rise above hypocrisy to share the possibilities through their art.

The Fifth Column

It boggles the mind to know that some members of Congress (like Cantor) make close to $250k annually and sometimes more, depending on the length of service.  What could Cantor, et al possibly know about the needs of an hourly wage worker?

We could save money an easier way:  End some of Congress’ vacation time and extend their work week to 4.5 days (with a half-day on Friday to get back to their home states.)  That way, the taxpayers of the United States will finally get their money’s worth.

Daily Kos

In Eric Cantor’s February 2013 speech, he said he wanted to propose Federal Law that would end overtime pay for hourly workers.  Currently, the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (FLSA), signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, mandates that certain workers get paid “time + 1/2” for overtime work.  Eric Cantor wants to eliminate that…

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