Study: Iraq War Cost U.S. $2.2 Trillion, Claimed Nearly 200,000 Lives


March 16, 2013 by Jan Stone

If the Democrats began the unnecessary Iraq war, can you imagine the GOP outrage at the cost: 200,000 people and $2.2 trillion and climbing?

Republicans should count their blessings that President Obama wants to move forward, not look back and prosecute the Bush administration for initiating a war under false pretense, then allowing water-boarding and other torture to ensure terrorists’ anger escalated against the United States.

George Bush and Dick Cheney lied to our country to fight a war in a country with no affiliation to Osama bin Laden but plenty of revenue possibility for those two. It would be easier to swallow if it were ignorance, but they knowingly took our sons, brothers, dads and uncles into Iraq for up to 5 tours. The VA tries to handle soldiers with a post-traumatic-stress level no one knows how to manage, if it is even manageable. But the perpetrators remain unaccountable and even arrogant about their callous disregard for anything but their bottom lines.

Enormous amounts of hypocrisy while never once themselves wearing a US military uniform and fighting for the freedoms they profess to protect. This was about their wealth. Everyone else and their money be damned. Here’s the story from Think Progress:

A new report by the “Costs of War” project at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International Studies finds that nearly 200,000 people, including soldiers and civilians, were killed in the war in Iraq President George W. Bush launched 10 years ago. The report also found that American taxpayers will ultimately spend roughly $2.2 trillion on….

via Study: Iraq War Cost U.S. $2.2 Trillion, Claimed Nearly 200,000 Lives.

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