Guns, Newton CT, Right to Choose, Illegal Babies, Gay and Women’s Rights: Where’s the humanity?

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March 20, 2013 by Jan Stone

To what end is the GOP reaching when all its recent public efforts show no humanity? The betrayal Newton, CT, residents must feel when they hear about gun legislation that will do nothing to avoid how bullets left their 5 and 6-year-olds dead in pools of blood right before Christmas is unimaginable.

Why does a political campaign define itself by “smaller government” need to tell people who they can and cannot legally love? Who can and cannot be in their loved one’s room when s/he lay dying?

How does “smaller government” remain small when it insists on being part of the decision a pregnant woman has to make? How does anyone, in this day and age of science, insist a woman’s body knows when NOT to allow a pregnancy? How is an Hispanic newborn illegal when a white caucasian one is not? How can any baby be considered illegal?

How does cutting Medicare and Medicaid as well as Social Security become more humane than giving incredibly profitable oil companies $6 trillion loopholes each year? Why is it okay to give tax incentives to companies outsourcing to China and at the same time continue looking for funding a longer and taller fence built in the Southern states neighboring Mexico?

Why is healthcare an entitlement? And unemployment? Why is there always the assumption that those who need such help choose it over gainful employment? Why is it necessary to consistently cite false information to support their beliefs, and bully anyone who questions the “facts” that can’t be proven as true?

How can a Republican party that constantly flaunts its Christian values justify its actions with the Bible. What about the words and actions that prophets and others say a man named Jesus told them were the way to salvation?

I don’t get it. Many Republicans I know are not extremists; they appear to have common sense. So, how do they justify all of the above? Each assumption above doesn’t occur in a vacuum; together those beliefs form the GOP platform. From one human being to another, how is all of that okay and preferable over a Democratic platform? My gut says it’s because of the color of the President’s skin. It can’t be the content of his character because our President cares about those in need. When did that become criminal, wasteful, shameful or any of the other similar adjectives the GOP uses to define him?

I just don’t understand.

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