Common Sense Time Congress−Stand up for the USA, Not the NRA


April 10, 2013 by Jan Stone

If you care about this country’s sense of safety, about logical and reasonable efforts to protect the lives of billions who are not in an armed militia, it’s time to do something.

Members of Congress: your character and integrity are on the line. Either pimp for the NRA or vote on common sense gun laws to protect the citizens electing you.

Even if they don’t know better, you should. NRA arguments are ridiculous and insulting to anyone with some brain cells running into each other every now and then. We’re not saying restrict guns to a militia only, we’re saying background checks are mandatory. Amped up concern about the government learning too much about you is as absurd as it is illogical.

The need for semi- and automatic weapons is nonsense as well. If you can’t hit a deer with a regular rifle, you’ve got more problems than not being able to fill magazines with ammo meant to deter governments and groups that hate the US so much they will use weapons against us.

Please, for your families and the children of this country, MAN UP. Dine all you want with the NRA, but for crying out loud, vote for a safer USA with logical gun laws.

Congress: Enact Expanded Background Checks

With the first votes on background checks happening tomorrow, there are some who are threatening to filibuster any legislation on the issue. That’s unacceptable, and it’s important that your Senators hear from you.

Sign our petition calling on the Congress to pass expanded background checks for all gun purchases.

Dear Congress –

I stand with Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly in urging you to take immediate action to reduce gun violence in the United States.

One reasonable solution you could pass that would reduce violence while protecting responsible ownership would be expanding background checks for gun purchases.

I look forward to watching your progress and commitment to this important issue.

Please stand with Mark and me and sign our petition urging the Senate to pass expanded background checks for all gun purchases./a>


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