The GOP Dilemma


April 10, 2013 by Chris Kite

The GOP Dilemma

Those poor old white men over in the GOP sure have painted themselves into a nice little corner. They face quite the dilemma.

On the one hand, they’re starting to come around and realize that their platform is obsolete and cannot survive because they appeal almost solely to white, older, Christians, and mostly male at that. This demographic is going to continue to shrink in the US. Thus the GOP must appeal to more than old white bigots if they are going to continue to win national elections. However, in order to appeal to a demographic outside of old white men, the GOP must begin to support initiatives like immigration, gay rights, and women’s issues like equal pay and women’s healthcare.

But if they support these issues, the bigoted old white people in the US are threatening to withdraw support for Republican candidates. Either way, it looks like, at least in the middle to long term future, the US is going to become a place much more friendly at least for immigrants and gays. If the party loses the support of the bigots that want a Christian Taliban like government that hates others not like them (and restricts their rights because they want to rule from the bible instead of the Constitution), they run the risk of losing seats in Congress and possibly the Senate. It seems likely that Republicans in voting districts heavy in that demographic may elect another party (I suggest the Bigot Party or Nut Job Party if they’re looking for a name).

And of course, if the GOP continues to propose laws based on their perception of the bible rather than the Constitution, they are going to continue to lose voters.

Either way, the country will be better off.

One thought on “The GOP Dilemma

  1. janswrite says:

    I’m thinking it’s gone from the GOP to the WIMP party! Or of course there’s the WOP party (white old poopheads:).


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