Boston Bombings Factor in Immigration Debate say Two Tea Party Members: Apparently they’re immune to the debate


April 21, 2013 by Jan Stone

Two Republican senators to the right of Attila the HunFLorida Senator Marco Rubio and Iowa Senator Charles E. Grassleythink say immigration reform should take the Boston Marathon bombers into account.

There’s some logic about our only being able to trust those who are either descendants of Mayflower pilgrims, hail from a country on the A-List of our most prejudice and racist senators or support the Tea Party. Otherwise, if a family member goes astray, they’re immigrant terrorists and the welcome wagon makes a U-turn.

Those 19- and 26-year-old Boston Marathon bombers and Russian refugees were in the U.S. for about a decade. No matter that one was a top athlete, both attended top-notch Cambridge schools and the youngest attended University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth on a partial scholarship. They turned bad. They did something atrocious because it’s in their bloodline. The countries of Russia and Chechnya are said aloud; the Cold War long over simply an inconvenient detail.

Imagine. You have a family of four kids and one or two do something horrible, beyond your comprehension, completely against your values. Obviously, somehow you’ve introduced them to terrorist tactics. With their keen sense of justice,  surely our Tea Party senators will keep things balanced by agreeing that even U.S. born families whose members would harm other U.S. citizens on U.S. soil should have their citizenship withdrawn or sent to starve in Gitmo.

The McVeigh and Nichols families are deportable because in 1995 their sons killed 168 adults and children as an act of domestic terrorism by bombing the Oklahoma City Federal Building. It’s exile for the entire Harris and Klebold families, whose sons walked into Columbine high school, murdered 12 and injured others before turning the guns on themselves in 1999. James Holmes’ family needs to find a new country, too, because he killed 12 people and hurt 58 others watching a movie in Aurora, CO, in July, 2012. And the family of Adam Lanza who killed 20 children and 6 adults as well as his mom in December at Sandy Hook school in Newton, CT, must have shared some terrorist culture with Adam. These families may not have come over on the Mayflower. They may be of Eastern Descent.

Do you understand now how important crime and ethnicity is to immigration reform?

Rubio’s Hypocrisy

Speaking of which, did you know Rubio’s family hails from A. COMMUNIST. STATE. And, his grandfather was ordered deported from the US after immigrating here but then returning to Cuba. AP reports Rubio’s grandfather may have been undocumented for up to four years. Now that sounds like a double standard…..

Besides, any legislator who is ever named Freshman of the Year by the Florida Petroleum Marketers Association is problematic. That’s no less a crime than swearing an oath to any other terrorist organization. Government officials who let oil companies terrorize us legally should sit in Gitmo, too. An imperfect Tea Party Senator is not meeting the standard the party applies to everyone else, so I say we start a movement to oust Rubio. He comes from criminal and Communist lineage.

Grassley’s Hypocrisy

Senator Grassley’s family may have long ties to this country, but his flip-flopping and racism seem so anti-American that his circumstances, too, should be considered when it comes to immigration reform

In 1993 he sponsored a bill mandating health insurance for all Americans. He sure cares about U.S. citizens. However, he says in 2009 and 2010 that any health reform bill mandating health insurance is a deal breaker. In 2003 he is all about end-of-life counseling as part of the Medicare bill. Guess what happens in 2009 and 2010? That counseling becomes “death panel” fear-mongering. He’s now vocally against end-of-life counseling because it would mean the government would want to kill our grandparents! Why didn’t he care about them in 2003? That’s not family friendly. Where’s that commitment to a cause?

Do you think he changed his mind because President Obama’s middle name is Hussein or he is African American? Probably a toss up.

There’s no less reason to believe that hearing the constant din of Anti-American rants from the Tea Party didn’t lead the Boston Marathon Bombers to commit a terrorist attack on Americans than any other theory.

No more hurting people. Peace. Just as good a reminder to Congress.

2 thoughts on “Boston Bombings Factor in Immigration Debate say Two Tea Party Members: Apparently they’re immune to the debate

  1. janswrite says:

    I hear ya! I wish there were more outrage about their inappropriate, hypocritical comments from the Center and Left.


  2. It’s sickening how are government and the general population choose to blatantly ignore the domestic terrorists among us. They are so quick to point at other countries to blame them yet we are raising men and women with hatred and malice in their hearts on our own turf. It’s scary business and so sad that we cannot move forward without pointing fingers. I was wondering who would use this tragedy as a means to spin their ridiculous reforms and I guess we have a winner.

    For Shame.


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