The NRA: Our country’s homegrown terrorists


May 6, 2013 by Jan Stone

To say Sandy Hook parents were “used” and “manipulated” to lobby for greater gun control legislation may be the most despicable theory from the NRA’s central voice of insanity, Wayne LaPierre. Talk about lowering the bar. You’ve got to be a snake to slither among their policy madness and misrepresentation.

What doesn’t he understand about the dangers of our current gun legislation? He cannot be as insane as his comments would imply, could he? I wonder if a mental health diagnosis should be considered. He shows no sign of linking together a logical hypothesis. There is no evidence of empathy. He has a singular perspective. He’s OCD about the NRA and our family and friends are dying because of him.

Our always-on-top-of-the-issue friends at The Fifth Column compiled the statistics facts below. Underneath is a link to sign a petition today to attempt to stop the insanity. The low road is jam-packed. Navigate carefully. Be concerned about facts. Confirmed facts. Look for where personal gain and interests lie in some of these causes.

LaPierre and the NRA are American born and bred terrorists–and proud of it. It’s an embarrassing smudge on our country, but why would he care? Like any good narcissist, it’s all about him and his perceived genius. It’s getting very frightening in the swamp of public opinion where these people linger. Be careful. They have semi-automatic weapons and no conscience. A dangerous combination.

From Fifth Column:

3,835 wrongful deaths have occurred by guns, since the Sandy Hook gun massacre. That’s over 75% of the total American deaths in the Iraq war (4,486 U.S. soldiers were killed in Iraq)  About 70 of the known gun deaths since Sandy Hook have been children. This means we have basically allowed three more Sandy Hook Massacres to take place, one child at a time.  Here are three very recent tragic child deaths;

This week, in Yuma Arizona,  3-year old, Darrien Nez, shot himself after finding a 9mm pistol in his 35-year old grandmother’s backpack.

April 30, in Kentucky, a 5-year old boy shoots and kills his 2-year old sister with a .22 caliber rifle he received as a gift.

April 17, in Kansas,  a 7-year old, Gavin Brummett,  shot himself in the head while firing a semiautomatic handgun. He was on a family shooting trip.

Stop the madness.

2 thoughts on “The NRA: Our country’s homegrown terrorists

  1. janswrite says:

    I don’t think we should let up on this anymore. The right’s righteousness has nothing to do with Christian values. LaPierre incites anger using the same tactics as Osama bin Laden. Hate-mongering, gross over-reaction, constant bombardment of distorted realities — it’s the same recipe he would condemn in the Middle East. But he’s been a good student of terrorist tactics. I’m done hearing an ignorant sound bite on Sunday shows or NRA conventions then having him sit back and, I don’t know what, perhaps bask in the emotion he incites? Can’t reason and fact shut him up sooner or later?


  2. skokielib says:

    The right loves to talk about how we shouldn’t be talking about gun control now because it is taking advantage of people’s emotions right after the Sandy Hook shooting. I must point out that it is pretty much impossible to NOT be talking about gun control right after a mass shooting because they are so common.

    I must also point out, that once again, the right’s hypocrisy is beyond belief. For months after the Benghazi attack (in fact it started before they had even counted the dead), the right has been screaming about an investigation into what happened.


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