GOP: Hypocrites or Proponents of Quid Pro Quo?

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May 8, 2013 by Jan Stone

Time for anyone who supports this political party to be a stand-up kind of GOPer and agree that equal standards apply to other conventional images they either approve of or not. Below, from Think Progress are some amendments to the Immigration Bill. Clearly the GOP doesn’t care for Hispanics and South Koreans. Obviously they believe everyone of a certain description deserve equal sanction — and by logical extension — equal opportunity where behavior is acceptable.

That being the case, hey boys–time to flock to South Carolina and take up residence. Obviously if it’s of acceptable character for an elected official like Mark Sanford to lie, commit adultery and recently unlawful entry, it’s got to be okay for every other married citizen of South Carolina. Quid pro quo, no? Then what? Bigots or racists? How do they square it?

Back to the embarrassingly racist last-minute immigration amendments this group sanctions, facts be damned:

Awful GOP Amendments to the Immigration Bill Tomorrow, the Senate Judiciary Committee officially kicks of the process of amending and working through what could be an historic reform of our broken immigration system. The Republican members of the Gang of 8 — Sens. McCain (AZ), Flake (AZ), Graham (SC), and Rubio (FL) — deserve…

via Heartless.

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