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May 17, 2013 by Jan Stone

Note to Republican party: this isn’t the first rodeo for the rest of us. CA Republican Rep. Darrell Issa, you “promise” to work with President Obama over issues? Is the San Francisco bridge for sale?

Speaker Boehner, your comment that “our job is to legislate, and we’re trying to help legislate things that will create jobs in our country,” reminds me of a 15-year old boy trying to convince his girlfriend of course he loves her…there will never be anyone else.

Even if you’ve devised some really unbelievably unconvincing PR plan to tamp down your vitriol, you’ve got people like seriously delusional MN Rep. Michelle Bachmann talking about impeaching the president because he’s been acting unconstitutional in the office since elected.

Really? A constitutional scholar from the University of Chicago would constantly¬†position himself to be a target for legislators who wouldn’t be able to qualify for the University of Chicago’s Lab School for Children because…….?

Because he has some great ideas, he’s already accomplished serious reform, he’s got the courage of his convictions, he’s not perfect but he’s trying to make this world a better place. Could the #1 reason everyone has such a problem with him is that he happens to be African-American?

To fellow GOPers: stop yourselves already. Admit your racists. If you can’t be honest at the most fundamental level, you are at best horrible role models for your children and everyone else’s who might be in a government class now. You re-elect a lying, cheating husband who likes to break into his exes home, you have officials in the midst of affairs during their horror as they tried to impeach President Clinton after his indiscretion (isn’t that right, Newt?), You chose a McCain running mate who can see Russia from her home state of Alaska, making it understandable why she couldn’t name a single publication she reads regularly and is a quitter.

This doesn’t even cover half of the BS of the Rubio’s, Perry’s, the drug-addled media and bullies like Rove who constantly beat the drum of their anti-immigrant, pro-assault rifle, anti-government but-own-a-woman’s-reproductive-rights platform.

Stop beating around the bush and have the courage of your convictions. Even if you’re incredibly racist and way behind the times, at least you can say you speak the truth, walk the walk, mean what you say and do what you do. That’s called Integrity. It’s the first sign of a mature adult.

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