Scott Brown For Sale in the New Hampshire

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March 11, 2014 by Jan Stone

Scott Brown wants the New Hampshire senate seat, and he gets his allowance from the Koch Bros.

After telling Politico that Jeanne Shaheen’s ads attacking his votes to support Big Oil tax breaks are “challenging me to get in,” former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown told Fox News he’ll “make an announcement sooner rather than later” on running in New Hampshire.

Big oil needs tax breaks? What about the rest of us…the ones who finance the cars and homes to get our kids through school and maybe even camp, if we can get a job with a salary that doesn’t tax us out of a college fund for our children and grandchildren? Nonetheless, Big Oil is spending almost twice as much to attack Shaheen.

We know what’s at stake–not just a Democratic senate seat, a Democratic Senate majority. To stay a step ahead of Scott Brown with his Big Oil and special interest pals is a formidable task. Check out the stats:

  • In 2012, Brown took $5.5 million just from Wall Street and big financial interests–more than anyone else running for Congress that year.
  • Altogether, Brown raised $44 million in his last two campaigns, and he’s completely beholden to his billionaire backers, the Koch brothers.
  • The Kochs’ group Americans for Prosperity has already dropped nearly $700k in the first two months of this year on attack ads against Jeanne. They’re ready and willing to spend millions more to buy the outcome of this Senate seat.
  • The Kochs raised $400 million trying to defeat Dems in 2012 – so the truth is, no matter when he gets in, Brown’s got a running start in the fundraising game.

Please use your votes, your voices–any support you can–to stay on top of the Senate races. The House of Representatives is enough of an insult to those of us who try to work hard, raise our children with integrity and leave our earth in better shape than it is in now. Let’s show these bullies we’re on to their lies and  hypocrisy.

We can’t afford to ignore what’s going on because we don’t like it.


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