How? Why?


August 18, 2014 by Chris Kite

I’ve been observing the Ferguson, MO Michael Brown shooting aftermath from a distance and without paying too much attention. It seemed pretty clear that the police shot an unarmed person. It seemed pretty clear to me that the shooting would be pretty hard to justify and I could fully understand the outrage.

It seemed to me the protesters had a right to protest this incident. Clearly there were some people in the crowd that took advantage of the situation to do things that were not within their rights. They looted. This is not all that uncommon in the world. It happens at protests. It happens at “celebrations” after major sports team victories or losses. To me, it seemed that the police response to the protests and looting was one of gross over reaction and not at all a reasonable show of force against an unarmed and largely peaceful group of protesters.

However, after finding out that Michael Brown was shot six times (how did I miss this?), it is kind of hard to believe that the outrage hasn’t gone further. I’m not sure how you could argue that a police officer shooting an unarmed suspect was exercising reasonable force when he shot him six times. SIX TIMES! No shots fired back. No sign of a weapon. No threat to the police officer.

Which leaves me with two simple to ask but hard to answer questions?



3 thoughts on “How? Why?

  1. Jan Stone says:

    Like I said, there you go, trying to be rational in the face of racism….


  2. 3boxesofbs says:

    No threat to the police officer.

    6’4″ and 300 pounds isn’t a threat?
    Possibly willing to commit violence IF the video of the strong arm robbery is him?
    Evidence that he was confrontational at least — why walking down the middle of the street, why not comply ?

    Unarmed does not equal unthreatening. There are multiple reports of people being killed with a single punch – research “knock out game”.

    What about the multiple reports, from different sources, that talk about Brown charging or turning back to the officer? One video described it as “bum rushing” the officer?

    People don’t react like the movies portray; some people drop immediately some keep going — there was a woman in Georgia who shot an intruder 5 times and he left the attic, got in his car and drove off!

    Bob S


  3. Jan Stone says:

    There you go again, being rational and thinking that’ll fly in the face of racism. Interesting, too, that it’s primarily an African-American suburb and white police force. Surprise, surprise!


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