Total Lack of Common Sense?


August 20, 2014 by Chris Kite

Politicians on both sides of the aisle love to use the term “common sense legislation.” Sometimes it really is common sense, but often, it is just a spin to try to make things that are really stupid fool a few people.

But I think it is pretty clear that today’s gun laws, or perhaps I should say lack of gun laws, defy common sense.

In Nevada, you can’t legally drive a car if you have a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or higher. But you can tote a gun around as long as your blood alcohol level is below 0.10.

You can buy a gun in Vermont if you’re 16 but can’t buy an R-rated movie ticket until you’re 17!

In five states you can carry around a gun with zero training. None! All you need is a little cash and you can buy a gun, carry it around, and hopefully, you know how to not shoot yourself, your family, your friends, or some innocent bystander. Headlines seem to indicate that this “hopefully” is just a dream. On a very regular basis you read about someone being accidentally shot. Often it is a child.

In 34 states it is legal to bring a gun into a bar. Seriously! What could go wrong?

I have a personal policy since I cannot tell a “good guy with a gun” from a “bad guy with a gun.” In fact no one can! If I’m in any establishment and someone walks in with a gun and I see it, I will immediately walk out. Be it a restaurant, bar, grocery store, or any other public place. I’m not stopping to put stuff back on shelves. I’m not paying my bill. Because it would be foolish to assume that someone walking in with a gun is necessarily a “good guy.” And in many states, it would be equally foolish to assume these people walking around with their guns have any idea how to be safe with them.

I don’t have a problem with people owning guns. I do have a problem with people that have no idea what they are doing walk around in public with weapons designed to kill people!

One thought on “Total Lack of Common Sense?

  1. Jan Stone says:

    Nothing like the financial power of a Lobby. Just think if the NRA put their considerable recourses to the better good. All you dyed-in-the-wool “My automatic weapon is my right,” PLEASE chill. There’s no talking any sense to you so this isn’t really aimed, so to speak, toward you. IF you would take as much heed to words and actions as you do to your gun rights, there would be a chance for common-sense legislation.

    I think there’s a horrible explosion of two similar mindsets from those to the right of Atila the Hun: They not only believe everyone should own any kind of weapon they want, they are for the most part racists. What if the young man in MO shot back at the officer who blasted away at him without even leaving his police car? No matter what anyone says, there will be a group who will insist that cop was totally within his rights and should not be punished. Sad, sad time in history.


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