This Doesn’t Need to Happen (Again, and Again)!


August 26, 2014 by Chris Kite

There isn’t much to say about this. It is a sad, sad story brought about by an insane gun culture that glorifies guns and fools a large portion of the US population into believing that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Guns are made to kill. That is why they were invented. That is why they have been “perfected” for centuries. That is why they are manufactured and sold.

This man didn’t need to die. Common sense should prevail and help us understand that guns are dangerous. They don’t belong in the hands of children. I feel for this man’s family. I truly feel for this girl who will likely spend the rest of her life deeply troubled because of something that should not be encouraged, should not be legal, and defies any common sense.

8 thoughts on “This Doesn’t Need to Happen (Again, and Again)!

  1. Jan Stone says:

    Sadly, it’s time to close down the statements on this post. There’s enough rudeness, narrow-mindedness and name-calling in the world. Elect2Care elects to not to spread it further.


  2. Jan Stone says:

    After a little research I learned there have only been two deaths w/weapons like Uzi’s because of the STRICT registration process. How’s that for common sense? A rhetorical question–honestly.

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  3. skokielib says:

    An NRA certified instructor? How would that work? Oh wait, I know . . . . the NRA would set up vending machines at gun shows and allow anyone with a few dollars to obtain an instructor certificate!


    • lwk2431 says:

      “the NRA would set up vending machines at gun shows and allow anyone with a few dollars to obtain an instructor certificate!”

      That is a really bigoted statement. You may hate the NRA, etc. But the fact is, and I KNOW this to be true, getting NRA certification (and there are many kinds for different disciplines) is not easy. It is usually pretty meaningful because the NRA is very _jealous_ of their reputation in gun safety. Trust me on this. I have been dressed down by a couple of them in rifle competitions when I did something not 100% kosher on the line. 🙂



      • skokielib says:

        It is entirely possible to have zero respect for the NRA without any bigotry whatsoever. Based on the NRA’s recent history of a total disregard for safety and refusing to back ANY legislation that improves gun safety it is pretty hard to take seriously any statement about the NRA and gun safety.

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  4. lwk2431 says:

    ” I guess instructors are the bigger problem.”

    Maybe we ought to require all instructors to be NRA certified?


  5. Jan Stone says:

    Like you said, skokielib, common sense should prevail. I guess instructors are the bigger problem. Apparently “retarded”? Wow. (Gun owners as diagnosticians, as well?) But “no way” does this tell us something about the way gun laws need to be looked at…only in America….

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  6. lwk2431 says:

    “Common sense should prevail and help us understand that guns are dangerous. They don’t belong in the hands of children.”

    Common sense should prevail and people like you ought to shut up. Really, just shut up.

    You have no idea what you are talking about.

    This involved a totally legal, licensed and registered fully automatic submachine gun.

    Two such weapons have been used in a crime in the U.S. since 1934 (NFA).

    The chances of any kid getting anywhere near such a weapons are beyond miniscule. This was the kind of accident that happens once in a century or so.

    Stupid? Yes, the “instructor” was beyond stupid (and is now dead).

    But does it tell us something about what laws we need to pass? No way.

    Millions of young kids learned to shoot safely at this age, just not with a fully automatic Uzi in the hands of a retarded “instructor.”



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