A Few Thoughts About Dick


September 10, 2014 by Chris Kite

Dick Cheney is playing security expert again. He’s telling us how weak Obama is and what we should do to solve the problem with ISIS. I have a few thoughts on his comments:

He tells us Obama is disengaged and miscalculates threats against us. Okay, sure. Who was it that was running the country when we lost over 3,000 citizens to the worst terrorist attack in the nation’s history? Who was it that was running the country when intelligence sources gave us warning that something like what happened was about to happen?

He tells us we need to engage ISIS immediately to keep us safe. Okay, sure. Who was it that told us we need to invade Iraq the first time to keep us safe?

He tells us we need to move quickly and decisively. Okay, sure. Wasn’t that the way the Bush administration acted all eight years they were in office? What did that get us?

He tells us Obama was mistaken for claiming terrorists were on the run. Okay, sure. Which administration was it that landed a sitting President on an aircraft carrier so he could declare “Mission Accomplished?” In 2003!

It seems to me there are probably much better people to be advising the US on security policy. Perhaps someone that is actually currently in the intelligence loop and someone that hasn’t invaded another country in the past for reasons that turned out not to be true?

With all due respect, you don’t know what you’re talking about, Dick Cheney? You proved that over a eight year reign of disaster after disaster!


One thought on “A Few Thoughts About Dick

  1. Jan Stone says:

    No kidding. Invade Iraq altho no sign of terrorists there BUT plenty of opportunity for Dick and buddies to get rich on their “military support” companies all over the Middle East. Overtly and proudly torture to further anger militant groups. But what do he and cronies care as long as their pockets continue to be lined. You’d think he’d at least have enough class to stop the flippin’ criticizing. What does he want? Let’s put his face on a stamp and see if that’ll shut him up.


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