Job Creators Are Doing Just Fine, Thank You!


October 11, 2014 by Chris Kite

Here is a great piece about the illogical argument the Republicans like to use. The argument that all the economy needs is tax cuts and eliminating regulations to free it for unlimited growth. The economy IS growing. But as many of us are painfully aware, the growth is all with the “Job Creators” and not with the workers.

Why don’t we hear about the deficit being below 40 year averages (as a percentage of GDP) and at it’s lowest level since 2008? Because people might start to realize that the deficit in 2008 was created by Republicans!

So let’s keep up the activity to create jobs by helping the lower and middle class folks that need it the most and are most likely to put it right back into the economy!

3 thoughts on “Job Creators Are Doing Just Fine, Thank You!

  1. lwk2431 says:

    “The argument that all the economy needs is tax cuts and eliminating regulations to free it for unlimited growth.”

    Ronald Reagan proved the efficacy – in some circumstances – of tax cutting. At that time cutting some tax rates actually _increased_ the revenue to the Federal government.

    Part of the problem goes like this. Monkey see, monkey do. 🙂

    Some observed what Reagan did and without trying to truly understand all the dynamics just believe they can get the same results applying the same tactics without understanding the underlying factors. Monkey see, monkey do – see that something works but refuse to learn the underlying principle and assume it will always work.

    There are a lot of “old monkeys” in both the Republican and Democratic parties.

    The real problem is government and the enormous burden that places on productivity. I can’t go into all the arguments of that here because you would almost certainly not allow that (and that is fine – it is your blog and I respect that).

    To really try to understand the principles I would suggest a book but know it is probably in vain. That book is “Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal” by Ayn Rand (and many other authors including a former Chairman of the Federal Reserve).

    Saw a news story a day or two ago. Walmart is cutting medical insurance coverage to workers with less than 30 hours a week. If Walmart can’t make Obamacare work then no one can. Welcome to the Brave New World where half the people desire to work in government so they can micro-manage the lives of the other half! 🙂


    • Jan Stone says:

      You REALLY think the “trickle down effect” worked? You really thing Walmart can’t make ObamaCare work? Bet he could if it were called PerryCare! Now I know my colleague will close this comment string, once he stops laughing.

      I’m sorry to be glib. The real problem, in my opinion, is this country is bigoted and any black president isn’t going to get his way period. This is in part because so many of his proposals have been republican proposals and all of a sudden they are the devils advocate. Hmmmm……

      BTW, special thanks to my colleague for keeping this series going. It makes a difference, but it’s time consuming, and he’s a stickler for the facts so he’s not just throwing his latest thoughts up there. Too bad this country is so prejudice that he has to remain anonymous. Now that should be illegal. It reminds me of the little boy who was stunned to hear that President Obama was the first African-American president. He wasn’t live for any other.

      Close your eyes people, and then listen to people in power talk, balk, rant, whine. Then make your decisions on facts. The only factor that color has in our history is that we blew off Indians and through the Middle Passage carted thousands of African-Americans in cargo ships to the states to sell them — taking away their families, their identities, their dignities. White people get all bent when they get busted breaking the law. Get over yourselves.


    • skokielib says:

      I think you failed to read the article, lwk. The point being made is that corporate profits are quite strong. Businesses are generally doing well. The shareholders and the small business owners are generally making very good money. But they’re not sharing it.

      Let’s talk about Reagan for a minute. He reversed the trend and started building budget deficits. Between WWII and Reagan, deficits were very well under control. There was the occasional spike, but the trend was mostly reducing the national debt. Reagan reversed that trend. He cut taxes, yes. But he also boosted spending. Many would argue it was that increased spending that improved the economy, NOT the tax cuts.

      As far as Walmart cutting insurance because it couldn’t make Obamacare work . . . . yeah, sure. If you want to believe that they wanted to make Obamacare work, instead of using it as an excuse to treat their employees even worse than they already did, it is a free country.


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