They’re All The Same! It Doesn’t Matter if I Vote or Who I Vote For??? (Part 12)


October 16, 2014 by skokielib

You might be feeling a little down about the state of politics in the US. The gridlock, political bickering, and overbearing control corporations and the rich have on this country are probably rightfully causing frustration and perhaps despair. But before you decide voting just doesn’t matter, please consider these facts that I’ll present in a series over the coming days:

The Social Safety Net
This is a simple difference. Republicans oppose the social safety net and Democrats see it as a vital lifeline.

Social Security? Republicans want to privatize it. Allowing business to profit from it and adding risk to future generation’s ability to have a secure retirement. Democrats created Social Security and want to keep it as is.

Medicare? Republicans want to “reinvent” it. Democrats want to continue to provide the elderly the healthcare that has literally been a lifesaver for generations of Americans.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)/Food Stamps? Republicans want to make massive cuts. They want to drug test recipients. They argue that SNAP recipients are there because they are lazy. While SNAP benefits do go to unemployed, the biggest recipients of “Food Stamps” are the working poor (remember the previous entry about earning a living wage?). Democrats see SNAP as a crucial life line that allows the working poor, elderly, and children have a chance at good nutrition.

When it comes to a Social Safety Net, the difference between Republicans and Democrats is huge. Republicans want to cut the taxes (of the rich) and pay for it by cutting benefits to those most in need. Democrats want to keep these programs alive and healthy. Your Vote Matters!

One thought on “They’re All The Same! It Doesn’t Matter if I Vote or Who I Vote For??? (Part 12)

  1. Jan Stone says:

    By far not our proudest moment, but in the early 2000 meltdown our salaries went from 6 figures to qualifying for SNAP. A. It is VERY difficult to fill out the documents you need — to even have access to them. B. It’s not a giveaway program. We did not get hundreds of dollars to spend on healthful foods. C. Those of you standing behind us as we use our SNAP cards, get a life. What we spend on those $’s were at our peril so, really, worry about something else.

    If anyone thinks for a nanosecond that SNAP is a badge of pride or choice versus having jobs where we can pay for our own food without your “Christian” judgement, you are in severe need of mental health help. I’m sick and tired of trying to be nice about this. When you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, shut up and listen. I was the VP of a top-10 agency for years. Never did I dream I’d need a SNAP card to eat. Never.

    Want to be a good Christian citizen? Want to prove you care instead of talking and talking and talking about it without doing a damn think other than that? Walk the walk for a week. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Shed your hypocrisy for 20 seconds. Read the bible you’re thumping. Love one another. It’s a little bit different than Judging one another.

    Enough of your flippin’ excuses. You have none if you are the good Christian soul you profess to be. You are either loving, caring, and would do whatever you can to help others, or you are a raging hypocrite who can benefit other people by practicing what your God asks of you or — you’re probably good for this one — being grateful you don’t have to suffer how others do and you probably think you know why they’re suffering. If that’s the case, look in the mirror. Your ignorance is the biggest part of the problem, and it won’t go away until you acknowledge you’re less than perfect.

    Either way your humanity is MIA, and there are lots of little role models paying attention to you. Proud of that? At least work on getting your IQ into the triple digits, please. Intelligence helps. A lot.


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