Be Afraid of Ebola?


October 20, 2014 by Chris Kite

The media and the right (and yes, some on the left) are publicly worrying about Ebola. Their stoking fears and building up anxiety. It isn’t exactly scientific, but I’ve noticed an awful lot of the same people that are so worried about Ebola spreading across the country and causing significant deaths are the same people that think they need a gun to protect themselves. Maybe this is just a personality trait. Maybe some people just worry about things that are illogical.

So far, we’ve had one Ebola death in the US. And two people contract Ebola in the US. Both were healthcare workers and were obviously at a much higher risk than the general population. So far no one that had contact with either the patient that died or either of the health care workers has contracted the disease.

Here are some things that should cause a lot more concern than Ebola!

Accidental Gun Deaths Per Year = 700
Flu Related Deaths Per Year = 3,000 to 49,000
Secondhand Smoke Related Deaths Per Year = 7,300
Gun Homicides Per Year = 11,000
Gun Suicides Per Year = 20,000
Suicides Per Year = 39,500
Diabetes Related Deaths Per Year = 69,000
Alcohol Related Deaths Per Year = 88,000
Accidental Hospital Deaths Per Year = 98,000
Obesity Related Deaths Per Year = 300,000
Tobacco Related Deaths Per Year = 480,000

So tell me again . . . What is it we should be worried about?

One thought on “Be Afraid of Ebola?

  1. Jan Stone says:

    We should be worried that most voters have an IQ in the double digits.


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