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November 10, 2014 by Chris Kite

If Democrats in the United States want to stay relevant, they need to start touting their successes. Instead of letting the GOP control the narrative, like it did through most of the 2014 mid-term cycle, Democrats need to get out front on the issues and remind everyone of their successes.

The Economy
Since Obama took office, the economy has improved remarkably. Unemployment is way down. All the way down to 5.8%! It was 7.8% when he took office (and going up). The stock market is at record highs. Corporate profits are strong. Manufacturing jobs have gained, but not enough.

But Democrats also need to address the issue of what is still a big problem. The profits are going to the rich and the poor and middle class have not seen big improvements. Talk about how you can fix that. Raising the minimum wage. Improvements in manufacturing. Making Big Business pay it’s fair share.

Don’t run from it! Say it loud and proud! More Americans are insured! Rate increases have slowed. Medicare’s solvency has been extended.

Budget Deficits/National Debt
Budget deficits have shrunk at record levels. But very few people know this because the right keeps making Obama sound like the deficit President. Get out in front and let people know what has happened. Yes, the National Debt continues to increase. That will continue until we run a surplus. Like we did at the end of Bill Clinton’s term. Talking about the importance of solving the problem through budget cutting AND more progressive taxes.

National Security
Osama bin-Laden is dead. There have been no attacks on US soil. Our troops have been brought home. Yes terrorism is still alive and well. It has been for decades and will be for decades. Knee jerk reactions to Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, and, yes ISIS, are not the solution. Syrian chemical weapons are gone. Iran has taken smalls steps backwards from developing nuclear weapons.

Gay Rights
This is a huge issue. The majority of Americans want equal rights for gays. The Republicans do NOT. Speak up and use the issue.

Republicans are irrationally afraid of immigrants. They lie about what it costs people. Speak the truth. Shut the Republicans down on this issue.

Voting Rights
Republicans want to reverse decades of success in civil rights/voting rights. It is obvious that their “voter fraud” prevention has nothing to do with voter fraud and everything to do with suppressing minority vote. Speak up! Let Americans know what is really going on. Provide the statistics on voter fraud. Make it clear that the new laws have everything to do with voter suppression and voter fraud is non-existent in the US.

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