Republicans Block Scientists from EPA Science Advisory Board


November 23, 2014 by Chris Kite

This is what US citizens voted for when it gave the whacked out right the majority in both the house and the senate. This new law prevents scientists that have done research on a subject from providing advice on that subject. But of course, they didn’t seek to prevent someone on the board, say from the coal industry, on providing input on coal regulation.

Wake up America! The EPA was formed in 1970 by Richard Nixon. Yes, RICHARD NIXON. Why? Because industry was literally killing Americans by polluting the water, air, and soil and there was no regulation to stop it. For example, so much pollution was dumped into the Cuyahoga River in Ohio that in literally caught on fire. Not just once, either.

So here we go. Republicans want to turn back the clock to the good old days when rivers burned, toxic smog killed people, and the soil was loaded with toxic chemicals.

One thought on “Republicans Block Scientists from EPA Science Advisory Board

  1. Jan Stone says:

    Aside from the fact that nobody will agree with the president because he is black and we are a country of racists who have the audacity to go to church on Sunday, we are a country that does not read — or at best does not read what will not support their point of view. I used to think ignorance is bliss. Now I think ignorance is going to get our country blown up. All we do is piss off the people we should be working to make peace with. Not the terrorists, but all innocence we have killed under other administrations because they (a) have access to oil and (b) they pray to what is perceived to be the wrong God and (c) they don’t practice democracy. Here we are, the youngest country and political system in the world, not doing the greatest job but some would say better than the options, still where the hell do we get off telling other countries how to live their lives? Our arrogance is so unchecked it is shameful.

    Thanks for keeping us informed. Information is power. Even if if is in the wrong hands. But fortunately, at least in my experience, I see a generation behind us far more open-minded, educated and if not, less willing to spew their ignorance. Evolution or Revolution. It’s true.


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