Like A Turtle On It’s Back, McConnell Seems Helpless!

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February 9, 2015 by skokielib

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is getting some payback. And he doesn’t like it. Democrats have filibustered Republican attempts to defund Obama’s Immigration Actions and suddenly Mitch McConnell is wondering what this filibuster thing is all about. “I think it’s a rather, honestly, absurd position to say that, ‘We object to the bill but we don’t want to debate the bill or change the bill.’ So, I’m perplexed,” he said.

Really? Because you spent your entire reign as Senate Minority leader doing just that! It’s a tactic you used a record number of times. On legislation, nominees, and anytime you could. Just so that you could make Obama a one term President. At which, by the way, you totally failed!

Payback’s a bitch! Isn’t it?

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