Remember George W Bush . . . Twice


February 23, 2015 by Chris Kite

I have lots of liberal friends that apparently have very short memories. They read stories about the potential Republican candidates like Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Scott Walker and they exclaim that there is no way they will win. Not so fast, my liberal friends. Read the attached article. And remember something very important:

The American public elected George W Bush to be President. Twice! Yes, we can argue about whether or not the first time was stolen, but the fact that it was even close should tell you everything you need to know.

Americans love fairy tales. There is nothing better to a huge percentage of Americans than to hear lies about how the best way to build the economy is to cut taxes. And all we have to do is be tough to solve terrorism, And if we just cut out regulation, corporations will do what is right because they HAVE to in order to survive in the free market.

Let us not forget that trickle down doesn’t work. Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W Bush were all considered hard on terrorists and countries that supported them. We still had 9/11. Before we had a lot of the regulations that we have today, corporations literally worked people to death, made young children work for next to nothing, and poisoned our environment to the point where we had flaming rivers, dead lakes, cancer clusters, and disappearing wildlife.

One thought on “Remember George W Bush . . . Twice

  1. Jan Stone says:

    You’re right again. Let’s not forget there weren’t terrorists in Iraq until a Bush boy decided that’s where to focus 9/11 rage — and perhaps make millions for himself and Cheney on the side. And that trickle-down affect may be the greatest load of s&*t ever. What may be the saddest thing is the Republicans depend upon the very voters they will screw over as soon as the GOP is in office, and that won’t change until those voters are willing to more fully educate themselves about the campaign rhetoric they’re being spoon fed. I will never understand why dyed-in-the-wool Republicans are so aggressively offensive when the concept of fact checking is brought up. If they’re not willing to separate politics and religion, what happened to the Christian concept of doing unto others as one would do unto themselves not to mention helping those in need. It’s so far beyond any rational thinking that it really is frightening. Mind control over the masses.


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