The Danger In Suppressing History


March 10, 2015 by Chris Kite

We’ve all seen efforts by the right to suppress American history. They re-write history textbooks, whine about what we teach our children in AP classes, and generally try their best to stick their fingers in their ears and sing out to avoid hearing about anything that we American’s may have done wrong in our past. We do have lots to be proud of. But we also have lots of ugly history that we need to understand.

This lack of knowledge of American history is causing another grave mistake. Republican Tom Cotton has come right out and said that we should be trying to change the regime in Iran. I guess he isn’t aware that in 1953, we worked with the British government to overthrow a fairly elected Iranian Prime Minister because he planned to nationalize their oil industry. That’s right. We wanted oil profits to come before the people of Iran. And that is a major reason why in 1979, Iran overthrew the Shah that we installed and put in their own hardline Muslim extremists.

So perhaps Mr. Cotton should pick up one of those history books he probably hates because it doesn’t show American Exceptionalism as he defines it, but instead “apologizes for our past.”

If I were the leader of a country that was trying to decide whether or not we should have nuclear weapons, I think the fact that members of another country’s ruling body want to overthrow me might cause me to think that perhaps we SHOULD have nuclear weapons.

The Republicans of today are becoming more dangerous all the time thanks to their proud ignorance and unwillingness to consider anything but their warped views of the world as seen through the eyes of a bible thumping imperialistic party.

One thought on “The Danger In Suppressing History

  1. Jan Stone says:

    love the expression “proud ignorance.” So fitting.


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