Remembering Reagan’s Negotiations With Iran


March 14, 2015 by Chris Kite

Back during the glory days of the right’s saint, President Ronald Reagan, there were a different type of negotiations going on between the United States and Iran. Reagan was providing Iran with weapons in exchange for the release of hostages.

Unlike today, Reagan was doing this in secret and wasn’t involving anyone outside his administration. And when word leaked of these negotiations, the documents were withheld.

Today’s negotiations involve numerous countries with the stated intention of preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

It is just so ironic that today, Republicans are worried about the President negotiating with Iran. There is no agreement yet, so no one can say what the terms of the agreement are. But the Republicans claim to know that it will result in the Iranians obtaining nuclear weapons after the agreement is up.

I suggest that the Republicans should grow up. They should stop throwing temper tantrums and acting like spoiled children when they don’t get their way. They should stop trying to sabotage anything our fairly elected President does and learn to accept the fact that had they decided to run more middle of the road candidates with ties to normal people, they might today be in control. But since they insist on being the party of whacked out far right fringe candidates, and the party of the ultra-rich elite, they continue to suffer the consequences.

Oh. And the 47 Senators signing that letter just helped to cement that reputation of being a fringe party.

One thought on “Remembering Reagan’s Negotiations With Iran

  1. socialinform says:

    Thank you for this great article.
    One hint for the Senators, they should not try to educate Iran’s current administration:

    One addition about the hostage crisis:
    The US makes a big fuss about “the hostage crisis” letting Iran suffer for something that happened 1979 (more than 35 years ago) and where not a single American was harmed
    (no orange jumpsuits, no beating, no torture, just 52 Americans from the same embassy that organized the 1953 CIA coup hold under arrest in a hotel).
    Shortly after the embassy takeover, the students released women and African American personnel, citing solidarity with “oppressed minorities.” Another hostage, Richard Queen, was released in 1980 due to health problems.

    BTW when I talk about suffer I mean:

    and the downing of an Iranian civilian airliner (Boing 747) with 290 people on board in 1988.

    Now when I think about this 35 years, I always think: Is it just that Germany after of killing of millions in concentration camps and after starting a war with dozens of millions of victims, was part of the west and git generous help (Marshall Plan) after a few years, where as Iran has to suffer forever for basically humiliating the US with the hostage crisis. I really wish we can get over this finally.


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