The Conservative’s Grand Plan Continues

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March 19, 2015 by Chris Kite

Conservatives often talk about being fiscally conservative and responsible, but you must read between the lines to understand where they are really going with that approach. On the surface, they appear to simply want to cut taxes and spending. But if you look at WHERE they first cut spending, that tells you what their end goal is.

Scott Walker in Wisconsin is infamous for attacking unions. But that isn’t all he is after. Like other conservatives (Jindal in Louisiana and Rauner in Illinois to name just a few) he is seeking to pay for their huge tax cuts by hurting the poor and middle class. It is part of the right’s attempt to continue increasing the power of the wealthy. It is part of the right’s attempt to continue to increase the gap between the wealthiest and everyone else. How? Make the things that provide the ability to improve your economic status available only to those that already have money.

They seek to eliminate the social safety net. Why? Because when you’re a multi-millionaire, chances of ever really needing traditional safety net benefits are pretty low. That was the first attack by the right.

Next they are going after higher education. It has very little to do with cutting costs. What they are really after is making a higher education unaffordable to anyone but those that already have money.

The right is trying to return us to a kind of feudalism. A system where only a few own the land, make the laws, control the workers, and have an absolute say in everything that happens.

They have no interest in allowing those with lower economic status to improve their situation. Because once other people have money, they also start to get power. And most of us that have had the fortune of improving our economic status in life fully recognize that things like social safety nets, unions, and higher education are a major factor in what allowed us to get there. Without those things, the wealth gap is going to continue to expand.

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