Scary Thoughts About Ted Cruz

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March 23, 2015 by Chris Kite

Ted Cruz is running for President. He is the first to throw his hat in the ring in what promises to be a 2016 Presidential race filled with nutty GOP candidates trying to see how far right they can bring the party and the country.

Many don’t take his bid seriously and say he has no chance to win. I hope they’re correct. But I have two very scary things to say to those that think he isn’t smart enough or is too nutty to make a serious run:

George W Bush
Sarah Palin

While it is true that George W Bush isn’t nearly as dumb or whacked out as Ted Cruz, he wasn’t smart enough to be President. And yet he WAS our President. Twice.

And while it is true that Sarah Palin has not (yet) been elected to national office, she was on the Republican ticket and that ticket garnered a significant amount of votes.

I find it scary not only to think about a United States of America led by Ted Cruz, but one where enough people could be found to support someone like Ted Cruz to even run. In fact, I’m pretty astounded that he can even find an auditorium full of people that support his run.

Ted Cruz likes to shut down the government. Ted Cruz doesn’t know the first thing about compromise or what those that aren’t white, bible thumping, millionaires go thru in a typical day.

He has shown repeatedly that rather than compromise to get something, he’s just going to throw a fit, read Dr Seuss, and do everything he can to prevent anyone else from winning, rather than finding common ground. Even if it means destroying the country that he claims to love.

He doesn’t love the America we live in. He loves a vision of America that he has where the rich get richer, the poor have no rights and are forced to work for a pittance. He loves a vision of America where everyone is Christian. He loves a vision of America where those that aren’t white have to live by a different set of rules. He loves a vision of America where discrimination is encouraged.

Mr Cruz wants to abolish the IRS. How are we going to collect the taxes to pay for his war on Iran. And Syria. And anyone else in the middle east that he deems our enemy?

Mr Cruz wants to take healthcare insurance away from millions of Americans. Because “Obamacare is going to destroy America!” They’ve been saying it for five years and not one single prediction the right has made has come true. Not one!

Mr Cruz appears to be more interested in basing our laws and society on the bible over the Constitution. We all know he is a very good friend of the fossil fuel industry, so we could likely expect a slew of laws aimed at killing off renewable energy and favoring the car, oil, and coal.

A world in which Ted Cruz is the President of the United States of America is a very, very scary world.

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