The Iran Deal

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April 6, 2015 by Chris Kite

Let’s face it. Those on the right won’t ever have a good word to say for anything Obama does. They decided the day he was elected that they would resist everything he does. And resist they have.

When Obama worked with Congress to develop a stimulus plan, the right told us it wouldn’t work and would destroy America by increasing our debt. And yet, six years later the economy is growing solidly and things have improved from the days of America’s worst economic crisis since The Great Depression.

When Obama took the health care plan ideas of Mitt Romney, and worked with Congress to shape a program that incorporated ideas that the right had previously proposed, it was called the destruction of America. Yet five years into it, it appears to be on a path to accomplish many of the things it set out to accomplish, without all the calamity that the right claimed would result.

So why should the Iranian deal be anything different?

As the Republicans have learned, it is relatively easy to criticize plans, programs, and actions. But it is not so easy to actually come up with solutions.

It is hard to imagine that a treaty with Iran that does anything to reduce its nuclear capabilities is a bad thing. We could continue down the path of the Bush administration and just thump our chests, call them names, and hope that they no longer kept up their development work. But that didn’t appear to be working.

We could start yet another war. But as we saw with Iraq and Afghanistan, that often has very bad results and creates a whole new set of problems. And Americans have shown they are tired of the costs of war in terms of soldiers and dollars.

So any deal that lessens Iran’s ability to develop nuclear weapons is a step in the right direction.

At this point, there is no deal in place. The framework is in place and a deal looks more promising now than at any other time. We are in the negotiation stage to try to come to an agreement between Iran, the US, Germany, France, Britain, China, and Russia. These are all countries that very much want to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. The right is pretending to somehow understand what the final agreement is going to be and that these countries are all “equally inept” in their negotiations as the Obama administration.

When looking at the behaviors of the leaders of countries, it helps to have a understanding of the history. The US has a long history of interfering in Iran’s internal government. We helped overthrow a democratically elected leader and installed the Shah of Iran who was a brutal dictator. While the Shah was in power, we offered to help the Iranian’s develop nuclear power. But once the revolution took place in 1979, western nations withdrew their support. So now Iran came to the conclusion that the only way to accomplish this was on their own. Were they also looking to develop nuclear weapons? Quite possibly. After all, neighbors in the region, Russian, Pakistan, India, China, and Israel all have nuclear weapons.

As far as Israel’s Netanyahu is concerned, it is a bad deal that will result in Iran obtaining nuclear weapons. But he’s been crying wolf for so long it is hard to take his claims seriously.

Finally, it is downright silly that the right loves to talk about how Obama refuses to negotiate on anything and that is why they can’t work with him. They claim he won’t give them anything they need to work with him. Then they turn around to tell us that he is too weak of a negotiator to trust to work with the Iranians to draw up a deal with us.

They also seem to now dismiss Russia’s involvement, even though since Putin took over the Crimea, they have been drooling all over themselves telling Americans that Obama is weak and Putin is a great example of a strong leader that knows how to get what he wants. Interesting! Not much credibility there, is there?

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