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April 13, 2015 by Chris Kite

You couldn’t possibly have missed the news yesterday (and for several days before) that Hillary Clinton is running for President.

I have mixed feelings about this. In 2008 I was a full Clinton supporter before Barack Obama started to really show his stuff. But I was always a little uneasy with the fact that our nation was becoming somewhat like a monarchy in that we appeared to be heading toward a Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton cycle. That said, I thought then, and I still think today that she is well qualified to be President. I like many aspects of her politics, but there are some I’m not too excited about.

One of my biggest concerns is whether she will be “liberal” enough. My personal politics are much more in tune with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, but the practical side of me says neither one would stand a chance in the general election because they could not capture the “centrist vote.” And by the way, that “centrist” vote has moved well right of where it was just a decade ago.

Ms Clinton is very close to big business and I can see her not pushing back against the “too big to fail” banks. Let’s see what she has to say during her campaign.

Mostly, I think that people need to give her a fair chance. What I mean by that is let’s not assume she will be just like her husband, let’s not punish her for having a Clinton name (and thus, pushing that Bush/Clinton thing) because we don’t want another Clinton in White House, and let’s judge her based on her campaign and not her name.

I’m also excited to see who else enters the Democratic ring, but have a pretty strong suspicion that we’re not going to see to many “major” candidates as it appears that Hillary Clinton is running almost as an incumbent or former VP. Her campaign seems to have that kind of respect. And fear.

Whatever the outcome, I can say with full confidence that the GOP has yet to put up any candidates that I think are even close to Presidential material. Should one of these GOP candidates win, it might just have the ability to make George W Bush look like the second worst President in modern US history!

One thought on “About Hillary Clinton

  1. Jan Stone says:

    Ohhh the fun of co-blogging! Ms. Clinton was also head of State so her genuine knowledge of what’s really going on in the world can’t be beat. She’s smart as can be and I know that just annoys the hell out of a lot of people. Women who are smart and aggressive are bitches. Men who are smart and aggressive are powerful. She is every bit a woman and smart and aggressive and has the experience we need. Yeah, she plays with big busines, but that’s because we have to either acknowledge them or be powerful enough so they cannot quash us — and there’s no one else in the field running who has that leverage.

    I know in a country insisting it is the most progressive that it is difficult to consider a woman as a president. As difficult as an African-American male. So let’s just acknowledge few people are progressive and fight the battle for it. Conservatives and the GOP have their eyes off the ball. They aren’t acknowledging the critical issues occurring in the environment, in the workplace and the economy. Those issues will bring our children fruitful tomorrows so those are the ones we are obligated to be concerned about.

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