The Cost of Guns In America


April 29, 2015 by skokielib

I’ve just been notified that I must take a mandatory training session on how to deal with an active shooter in the workplace. I work in a factory/office like many other hard working Americans. There is nothing particularly high risk about what we do at this company. But because we live and work in the United States of NRA, shootings are just something we have to deal with. Regularly! Tragically!

This makes me very sad and angry. It costs my company money. Money they could be investing in new products, used to cut product price, or paid to employees. It costs me time. Time I could be using to help my company sell more products.

Companies in other developed countries don’t have this need. Because they don’t have an insane gun culture pushed by an out of control organization that has no sense or moral responsibility and only worries about selling guns and ammunition and building its member base. This organization, the NRA, likes to blame mass shootings on a lack of enough guns. That is absolutely insane. And yet somehow we tolerate it. Well, actually, I don’t tolerate it, but Americans keep electing NRA stooges that promote the insane gun culture that cost us so much. In lives. In time. In anxiety. In money.

Other countries have figured out how to deal with this issue. Australia drastically changed its gun laws. There hasn’t been a mass shooting since. Most other countries don’t make gun ownership as simple as walking into a gun show with cash and walking out with an arsenal.

It occurs to me that taking a training course on how to deal with a problem that has been solely created and popularized by the NRA is really not much different than having to go with a x-ray machine before boarding a flight.

One thought on “The Cost of Guns In America

  1. Jan Stone says:

    It is insane. Does your company provide family health care benefits–do they give new mom’s paid leave of absence after giving birth or does a new parent have to rely on sick and vacation days as well as short-term disability? It’s really crazy in places like schools and government offices where they’ll pay to teach employees how to handle a shooter but won’t pay a new parent after giving birth. How does that square?


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