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May 19, 2015 by Chris Kite

Here is an interesting story about the impact Fox “News” has had on the US Political scene. Is it any coincidence that the elimination of needing to be balanced came about under the Reagan Administration? Not at all. It is all part of the plan the right has to take over the country and turn it into one big giant “feudalist” state. A place where few people hold all the money and all the power. A place where the 1% hold the controls and the rest of us beg for scraps and just hope for any help. A job. Food on the table. Healthcare. A roof over our heads. Meanwhile the top 1% just hope for . . . . a tax break on their yacht or corporate jet. How could anyone be so cruel as to deny them the simple things in life?

Fox has done an outstanding job pushing the right wing agenda. The needle has moved well right of center. Politicians that in the 70s would have been radical conservatives are now considered mainstream. Politicians that in the 1970s would have been slightly left of center are now considered radical leftists.

How did this happen? Because Fox “News” and the other right wing corporate media beat it into people’s heads that their ideals were facts. Trickle down economics. Job creators. Job creation friendly policies. Abortion is murder. Welfare queens live a great life while the rest of us pay outrageous taxes. Dark skinned people that speak funny languages and worship in funny mosques are scary and dangerous. Not agreeing with these things is anti-American. President Obama is a radical liberal. Obama was born in Kenya. The Clintons are crooks and had people killed.

It is just a little hard for rational people to believe.

When I was growing up, this was known as propaganda. Fox learned well. The followed the best propagandists in modern history. Hitler. Mao. Stalin. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that Fox “News” and the far right are as evil as these guys. But they have learned from them and are quite willing to watch American’s starve and suffer in the name of building the riches for the top of the top.

Yes. It is called propaganda.

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