The Republican Plan is Clear


June 15, 2015 by Chris Kite

The Republicans are really hoping that the Supreme Court takes their side in the argument that “Obamacare” was meant to only provide subsidies to those that sign up through state run healthcare insurance exchange websites. So those that signed up through the Federal exchange could see their subsidies collapse. This will be disastrous for millions of Americans, but the Republicans are just sitting back and licking their chops.

Republicans are optimistic that the same American public that has fallen for their lies that Obamacare will destroy America, result in death panels, and puts Uncle Sam between individuals and their healthcare will also believe that the reason they’ve lost their subsidies is because Obamacare is a bad program.

The amazing thing is that Obamacare is so far doing virtually everything it was designed to do. It has added millions and millions of newly insured Americans to a group that isn’t one illness away from financial disaster. It has greatly reduced the ranks of the uninsured. It has ended the ability of insurance companies to deny coverage because of a pre-existing condition. It has slowed the rise in healthcare costs. It has actually reduced the deficit. It has actually created jobs. These are the signs of a successful program by any means.

And yet, The Republicans continue to dig in their heels and try to destroy this program. They don’t like it because it is good for the average American. And Republicans don’t want to see the average American be too successful. Better to keep all the wealth and power in the hands of a few.

So when the Supreme Court makes it’s ruling on whether or not subsidies apply to all those that signed up for “Obamacare” or just those that signed up through state run exchanges, Republicans are going to continue to tell you that it was a bad law to begin with.

My guess is American’s won’t believe that it is the Democrat’s fault these people lost their subsidies. This would be easy to fix in a non-partisan congress by just rewording a paragraph of the law. But Republicans really, really want to see Obama fail. Even if it means literally killing Americans. Because if millions of Americans lose their insurance subsidies, they will drop their insurance, they will not be able to afford healthcare, and there is no doubt that some will die.

So in the end, I suppose you could kind of say that either the Republicans that brought the legal action, or the Supreme Court, should they rule against Obamacare, are what Sarah Palin was talking about when she was ranting about “death panels.”

Sorry, Mr. Ryan. The Republican party’s intentions are to obvious to miss.

One thought on “The Republican Plan is Clear

  1. Jan Stone says:

    Well said. Republicans against Obamacare are either illiterate or part of a GOP death panel. Keep this message alive!


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