America’s Repulsive Culture

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June 18, 2015 by Jan Stone

Our gun laws are insane to any clear-thinking and compassionate human being, just as the shooting in Charleston is terrorism to any rational, unthreatened mind. But we’re mincing words. The day our country elected an African-American president it began revealing a horrifically racist culture. It’s been brewing and bubbling for years, and now with the 2016 presidential election in sight, those who think they are superior based on the color of their skin don’t even try to hide that fact.

Nowhere has that ignorance and arrogance been more obvious than among blue- and white-collared white men and women pretending they are practicing some form of Christianity. With Bible in one hand and 2nd Amendment in the other, they run from neighbor to neighbor, town to town, and all variety of media claiming the sky is falling—terrorism, the sky is falling—gun laws, the sky is falling—immigration. It’s the best embodiment of passive-aggressive fear mongering I’ve ever witnessed.

The only thing sadder than this is the reality we’re preaching to our choir. The Chicken Little’s and Henny Penny’s of the world don’t look at issues objectively, and in many cases it appears they don’t even read because they certainly aren’t practicing the tenets of their Bible-thumping tirades.

What we need to figure out is how to call out America’s Repulsive Culture. How do we stop the bigotry? What is being taught in America’s classrooms? What’s being preached in the pulpits of our country? How does a sane debate get started?

It’s been said big change occurs through evolution or revolution. Evolution doesn’t appear to be working. Too many white homo sapiens appear threatened. They’re using guns and bibles to justify mass murder and terrorism across the country. I bet they don’t know anything about evolution and revolution — it would require reading. I’m afraid they’re going to learn about it the hard way soon.

Those of us who don’t agree with America’s Repulsive Culture — even if we look like them — are getting sick and tired of their actions. Racists, bigots, Christians, White Man, White Woman—all wrapped around the American flag—those of us with pride, confidence, common sense and open minds are getting plenty tired of your abhorrent behavior. Be sure you know what you’re asking for and be ready for the repercussions as you stomp about blindly. Your ignorance is more dangerous than the guns you insist on handing out.

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