Those Crazy Republicans!

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July 23, 2015 by Chris Kite

Republicans are firm believers that the will of the people should be followed. At least that is what they tell us. Isn’t that how our founding fathers meant it to be? Well, except if that is really what the founding fathers wanted, wouldn’t they have just had citizens vote on everything? Instead, they set up a democratic republic where we elect representatives, have an executive branch (also elected), and a judicial branch. The idea was to separate powers and to allow the elected officials to do what is in the best interest of the district, state, and country. But enough about whether or not Republicans are correct.

I prefer to look at the stunning hypocrisy! Anyone remember when the Affordable Care Act (ACA or, Obamacare) was passed? It was the end of America for many reasons. But one was that those elitist Democrats were passing a bill that the public didn’t want. How dare those elitist Democrats pretend to know more than a bunch of tea party nut jobs standing around with signs that proudly told Congress to keep it’s hands off their Medicare.

Now that polls show that only about 29% of Americans want to have it repealed. But the Republicans love to talk about how it needs to be repealed. I guess they must know better than the American public!

Meanwhile, about 56% of Americans support the nuclear deal with Iran. But the Republican candidates for President almost all say they will undo it the minute they get into office. I guess they must know better than the American public!

As far as universal background checks before gun purchases, somewhere around 90% of Americans are in favor of such laws. Republicans won’t even consider it. I guess they must know better than the American public!

In February 2015, a CNN/ORC poll found that about 63% of Americans support gay marriage. Republicans are against it. Some even go so far as to say that government employees that don’t agree with it should refuse to grant marriage licenses. I guess they must know better than the American public!

It sure seems to me that the Republicans are the part full of elitists. They universally represent the rich and powerful (so do Democrats, but at least the left gives some support to those that aren’t rich) and seem to have a hard time implementing the will of the people.

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