One Mass Shooting Per Day!

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July 27, 2015 by Chris Kite

Here we are, 207 days into 2015. And so far this year, we’ve only had 207 mass shootings. Yes. That is correct. It isn’t a typo. It isn’t a lie. It isn’t “liberal anti gun propaganda.” We’ve had 207 mass shootings in 207 days. In most countries, this would be horrific. But in the US, it isn’t even really worth a mention to most people.

Recently, when there has been a well publicized mass shooting in the US, which is less than daily, on average, the sensible people in America stand up and say it is time to do something about our gun problem. And every time sensible people say it is time to do something about our gun problem, the NRA crowd replies with, “Now is not the time to discuss gun control. Feelings are intense and you anti gun people just want to politicize and capitalize on this tragic event.”

Imagine if you will, that every day, on average, there was a plane crash in the United States. And try to imagine people saying we don’t have a problem and we shouldn’t discuss it now. That’s insane, right? Imagine if you will, a country where 32,000 people a year die in car crashes and the response was, we don’t have a traffic safety problem, we have a coordination problem. More insanity? Well, welcome to the National Rifle Association running our country!

While we do have a problem treating and dealing with mental health in America, as the NRA and gun rights crowd likes to focus on, it is far from the only problem. There is little doubt that the Reagan years, when Jimmy Carter’s efforts to resolve the issue were repealed and set back mental health significantly, mental health care isn’t our only issue. After all, if gun laws don’t change, how do you possibly keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill without simply committing everyone with a mental illness to an institution?

We’ve had 207 mass shootings in 2007 days. WE HAVE A GUN PROBLEM! We need to look at gun safety, gun registration and licensing, and gun ownership. We need to consider everything. I don’t pretend that we could eliminate gun ownership. And honestly, that probably isn’t necessary to deal with the problem. But we do need to deal with who can own a gun, how people get them, how they are trained to properly handle them, and how we track guns.

With 207 mass shootings in 207 days, you have to question the sanity of anyone that says the problem isn’t with guns! We don’t have 207 mass baseball bat assaults. We don’t have 207 mass stabbings. We have 207 mass shootings, with guns, in 207 days. Guns have proliferated in recent years. But the mass shootings and gun murders in general have been trending up in recent years. This is a problem. We need to work on resolving it.

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