Guns Don’t Kill People

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August 3, 2015 by skokielib

It’s the original NRA line. Guns don’t kill people. This is true. Therefore we should not ban the manufacture of guns.

But . . . . we should prevent guns from getting into the hands of people. Clearly people cannot be trusted with guns. The NRA says so themselves. Remember. Guns don’t kill people. PEOPLE kill people. The NRA makes a perfect argument as to why we should very strictly control the sale of guns to people.

There should be a need to prove why someone needs a gun. There should be rigorous training and testing before allowing someone to own a gun. There should be a renewal process to insure that training and testing is up to date. Guns should be registered and transfer between private parties handled just like a commercial sale. That’s the best way to stop people from killing people with guns.

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