The Simpleton World of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, and Tea Party Republicans


September 10, 2015 by Chris Kite

It seems a little wrong to make a simple blanket statement about the right wing nuts that support the likes of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, but it also seems correct. They have a very simple, extremely naive view of the world.

In their world, all you need is a gun by your side to solve crime problems.

In their world, all you need to do to solve health care is get rid of the government.

In their world, all you need to do to solve Iran (and North Korea, and ISIS, and Yemen, and Libya, etc) is have a really big military, bomb countries back to the stone age, and no one will ever mess with you again.

In their world, all we need to do to solve global warming is . . . well, in their world, there is no global warming because that isn’t simple and isn’t convenient and doesn’t fit with what they want. Which is big cars, big engines, cheap gasoline, and no government regulations.

In their world, most of our problems are because of illegal immigrants and freeloaders.

They don’t care about facts. They don’t care about real ways of solving problems. That’s too much work. It requires higher thought. It requires logic, complex reasoning, considering other people’s/country’s points of view, and it requires COMPROMISE.

They don’t want compromise. When mainstream Republicans compromise, the Tea Party crowd goes nuts. How dare you compromise?! That isn’t what the founding fathers wanted!

They don’t like science. They don’t like history. Unless it paints the picture they have in their minds of what their country used to be like.

Wages are low because Barack Obama is President. Our military is weak because of Obama.

They can’t face the fact that we ARE winning in many areas and that in the past we also did not win in all areas. That just isn’t possible. Despite what their version of history shows.

Exactly how much more do we need to spend on our military before it is strong enough? In 2013 we spent $666B directly on military. Plus another $60B on Veteran’s Affairs, $55B on Homeland Security, and $53B on Intelligence. That’s over $800B. That is 41% of all the money spent in the whole world on military. That is more than half our federal budget.

Thinking we need more military spending is insane.

Thinking we did not negotiate a good deal with Iran, that we should not have made a deal, or that somehow we could have gotten a significantly better deal is insane.

Right now it is a small part of the population that thinks this way. If this percentage grows significantly, we really could be in trouble.

One thought on “The Simpleton World of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, and Tea Party Republicans

  1. Jan Stone says:

    If they weren’t so absurdly moronic it would be pitiful. Tea Party=Extreme narcissism run amok. Talk about great negotiating skills — NOT.


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