Be Careful What You Wish For

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September 25, 2015 by skokielib

Speaker of the House John Boehner is resigning. Many on the left and the far right are cheering. Those of us no the left, because of his incredible obstructionism and unwillingness to compromise. Those on the far right, because he didn’t obstruct enough and compromised too much.

You can probably see where this is going. As bad as Boehner is and was, there are many members of the Republican Congress that are far worse than Boehner. Boehner seemed to have at least some grasp of reality, whereas the far right, lunatic fringe of the party, as the label lunatic fringe would imply, are strong believers that government is useless for anything other than making war and imposing “Christian Values” on society.

Think about the current cast of GOP players running for President. In what world are John Kasich and Jeb Bush moderate and reasonable politicians? The answer, is that in the world of the current GOP that has done a very good job of selling fear and divisiveness, they have gone so far right that Reagan would be labeled a RINO or a liberal. They’ve done such a good job that a huge portion of their power is now held by Tea Party nut jobs.

These paranoid and delusional individuals think Obama was born in Kenya and is a Muslim.

They were convinced the federal government was trying to take over Texas with military maneuvers, but then turned around and posted armed “guards” outside recruiting stations to keep our soldiers safe.

They are convinced that Obama is going to take their guns despite the lack of a single piece of gun control legislation during his two terms.

They talk about a war on Christianity simply because Christians are not allowed to impose their twisted take on religion on the rest of the country. They are very upset about the lack of religious freedom and while they are trying to impose rules on our country based on the bible instead of the US Constitution, they fret and worry about creeping Sharia law, which would impose rules on our country based on the Koran.

They proudly defend the US Constitution while calling for people to disobey the rulings of the US Supreme Court. They call for changing the Supreme Court to an elected court with specific terms. An idea so far from what the founding fathers planned with their separation of powers and three branches of government that you have to wonder if they’ve even read the Constitution.

If there is a plus side, it is that while in the short term, I fear we are in for a very rocky and ugly period, it could finally damage the Republican party to a point where they lose their majorities in both houses. Or at least that is my hope. Otherwise, we are truly in deep trouble.

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