Ben Carson For Hitler

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October 1, 2015 by skokielib

Nothing fires up the right wing lunatic fringe base like some good old fashion fear mongering. And here is Ben Carson invoking images of Hitler taking over America. First of all, no one should ever make any comparisons to Hitler for any reason. Because there simply isn’t a comparison of anything of that magnitude in modern history. Nothing even comes close.

Next, you need to study your history. Nazism came about in Germany for many reasons. It was a perfect storm of a situation that allowed Hitler to rise to power. The country was humiliated and crushed by stifling WWI reparations. Unemployment was sky high. Inflation was sky high. The nation felt weak and powerless. The rest of the world was terrified of war and not willing to stand up to stop Hitler. The rest of the world had been significantly disarmed at the end of WWI with strict limitations on national military forces.

None of those things exist in America today. Well, there are some that are convinced that our economy is the worst it has ever been despite facts. There are those that insist our military is weak despite spending more than the next ten nations combined. There are those that feel weak and powerless because they can no longer openly discriminate against others based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender.

But if you’re inclined to think Ben Carson is talking about what is going on in America today, ask yourself the following questions:

Remember when Hitler tried to make voting easier for every citizen?

Remember when Hitler tried to make gay marriage legal?

Remember when Hitler said everyone deserves equal rights including women and minorities?

Remember when Hitler said it was wrong to rule out someone running the country because of their religion?

Remember when Hitler said we’ve given corporations too much power and need to give it back to the people?

Remember when Hitler said lets settle differences with our neighbors peacefully and without military action or forcing our way on them?

Yeah. Me either.

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