The Incredible Ugliness of Conservative Politics

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October 24, 2015 by Chris Kite

As the Benghazi hearings have gone on and on and on, and as the Republicans have investigated such horrible “scandals” as the IRS being tough on so called tax deductible organizations that play in politics, and as the Republicans drool all over themselves trying to investigate and shut down planned parenthood, the horrible ugliness of conservative politics in the U.S. has certainly revealed itself.

The GOP has done a very good job at creating boogeymen in our country. From communists, to abortion, to the “war on Christianity,” to the danger of taxes, to the need to have guns, to the cost and dangers of “illegals” in America, to “welfare queens,” to the incredible reaches for some kind of scandal in Democratic administrations. These boogeymen are mostly made up and of little real concern. They don’t pose real problems. But the right has been incredible successful at creating fear of these “horrible risks to our country.”

They have done such a good job that they’ve created a new insane subset of the Republican Party that are willing to hold the American people hostage and do great damage to the country just to score a political win. The Republican party is having a hard time getting along with itself because it has created a new breed of right wing ideologue that is so convinced of boogeymen (that don’t actually exist or pose a real problem) that they are willing to follow a scorched earth policy. This is the danger or extremism!

The investigations that have taken place, from Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky to the so called Planned Parenthood sale of baby parts have been ugly and a waste of tax payer money. Laws were not broken. The American people were not endangered. Our freedom was never at risk. But the possibility of scoring a political win is too big for the GOP to pass up. Even as investigations have turned up nothing, the right just keeps pushing more and more of them. It is very unlike our constitutional legal system that says once someone has been gone on trial and been found innocent, they can’t be prosecuted for that crime. But in the Republican world, a finding of innocence is simply an excuse to try again.

It is amazing that they claim to love their country but are perfectly willing to do great damage to everyday Americans to protect their warped views of what this country should be. The Benghazi investigations have been a hideous abuse of power and a waste of taxpayer money. It has been clear from day one that the Benghazi embassy attack was just like all the other U.S. embassy attacks that have taken place in recent decades. They are tragic. And we surely need to learn from them and do a better job of protecting Americans that are serving their country. But it is also clear that this is a real and serious risk that can happen at any time in almost any unstable or unfriendly country.

The right wing willingness to shut down the government and default on our debt is amazingly idiotic. These nuts are willing to hurt veterans, children, the poor and sick, and our elderly just so they can promote their radical ideas that somehow debt, or Planned Parenthood, or easily accessible healthcare is going to kill us. Our deficit has been steadily decreasing throughout the Obama Presidency. Bill Clinton actually passed on a surplus only to watch it turn to a deficit when his predecessor passed huge tax cuts, started wars, and pushed unfunded social programs. The Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare) has so far accomplished almost all its goals. Planned Parenthood hasn’t really done anything that medical professionals throughout the country do all the time.

I’m tired of it. I’m tired of the waste of tax payer money. I’m tired of the endless hearings and attempts to score political points. I travel around the world for work and get tired of trying to explain the idiocy of American Republicans. From their obsession with all things gun to their unwillingness to provide healthcare, to their willingness to waste taxpayer money to score political points, it is embarrassing and just impossible to explain in civilized terms.

Maybe Republicans are still upset that Richard Nixon did so much damage to our country and got caught breaking the law. Maybe they want to find the Democrat equivalent of Richard Nixon. Someone that is so out of control and willing to break laws that they do long term damage to the party. But before that can happen, someone has to actually do something wrong.

The bigger goal is clearly to gain political victories so that they can consolidate more power in the hands of the rich.

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