Is it Constitutional Confusion or Entitlement?

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November 5, 2015 by Jan Stone

Government should stay out of a citizen’s personal business. But they should have the right to choose what medication I take or what I choose to do with my body? Oh wait—I’m stepping on the tenets of Christianity. That’s evil. But what about separation of Church and State? A Constitutional mistake? Anti-abortion candidates covet a six-week-old embryo, but they will fight to their last breath not to provide assistance to that six-week-old child and her mother because that’s abuse of the system. I’m confused. Where are the tenets of Christianity here?

The NRA and its proponents bully in every sense of the word anyone who questions the necessity of a person owning semi-automatic weapons. We are “stupid,” we don’t respect the Constitution. What about the Constitutional amendment about separation of Church and State? That just doesn’t count here? We have to be able to protect ourselves against the criminals in our society, right? Of course. That takes precedent.

A 26-year-old shot and killed nine students and a teacher at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon on Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015. Nine others were wounded. Here’s how one newspaper reported part of the story:

“They have seized 14 guns — six found at the college and eight at the apartment Harper-Mercer shared with his mother on the outskirts of Roseburg. Authorities have said the gunman’s mother told them her son was struggling with mental health issues, but no details have been released. Harper-Mercer and his mother shared a love of firearms and would go to shooting ranges together.”

In what universe does that make sense?

Oh, wait. The guns were all registered. Is any NRA-er willing to admit the approval process is flawed? By the way, this was the forty-fifth school shooting in the US in 2015.

Research shows:

“most school shooters are White males, with 97 percent being male and 79 percent White. Over the last three decades, 90 percent of high school or elementary school shootings were the result of White, often upper-middle class, perpetrators. These shootings are a direct reflection of White male privilege and the consequences that occur when groups like the NRA control influential conservative leaders.” See more at:

So where are headlines like “White Over-Privileged Men Killing our Children at School.” Oh wait. That’s not true.

Yes it is.

No it isn’t.

Yes. It. Is.

Maybe there are too many white over-privileged men running our country. If the demographic of school shooters weren’t primarily white men, don’t you just know in your heart of hearts that the headlines would be ugly and racist? Rush and Fox would be having field days.

Yes they would.

No they wouldn’t.

Yes. They. Would.


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