The Sad Truth About ISIS and US Conservatives

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November 15, 2015 by Chris Kite

The recent ISIS attacks on Paris and Beirut are a tragedy. I honestly don’t think there is too much you can do to stop crazy religious fanatics that have been brainwashed into thinking that their God is calling on them to kill infidels. Intelligence and vigilance can help stop some of the attacks before they happen. But if we’re going to live in a free and open society, these types of things are a very unfortunate and tragic downside to freedom.

But conservatives in the US have all kinds of answers. They think everyone should carry a gun. They think we should close our borders. They think we should let the peaceful pawns in Syria and that are stuck between warring parties die in Syria at the hands of the lunatics. They think we should torture people we suspect of having links to terrorists. They think we should commit troops to fight in Syria and Iraq.

None of these are truly solutions. But that doesn’t stop the right. They don’t require evidence or fact. They just need a firm belief.

Think about more guns. We have more than 30,000 gun deaths in the US every year. I saw a statistic the other day that 1.4 million Americans have died in all wars since 1776. And 1.4 million Americans have died from household guns since 1968. I really, really don’t think more guns is going to reduce tragedy in our country one bit. In fact, more guns make things worse. But the right lives in a world where they think movies are real and anyone with a gun is going to be a hero. Wrong!

Several stories have reported that at least one of the terrorists in Paris was a recent immigrant from Syria. The right points to that as proof that we should close our borders. They seem oblivious to the fact that as many as three of the suicide bombers were actually French citizens. So I guess by their logic, we should also ban citizens from being in our country. Because citizens can be terrorists, too. Does anyone remember Timothy McVeigh?

What about committing troops to the war in Syria? What about having our troops overthrow Bashar al-Assad. Because as we all know, other than the current civil war in Iraq, the 150,000+ dead Iraqi civilians, the almost 4,500 dead US soldiers, and the actual creation of ISIS from the vacuum of leadership we caused in Iraq, that seems like a perfect idea.

The imprisonment and torture of terrorist suspects is another fantasy of the right. While there is zero evidence it has garnered any results, there is evidence and proof that some of the very terrorists we fight are people that we’ve imprisoned in the past. Is it proof that we should not have released them? Or is it proof that we their imprisonment and torture made them more likely to become terrorists? It is hard to say. But torture is wrong. I don’t care what you’ve seen on “24” when Jack Bauer has to get results. It doesn’t work.

The right is full of solutions. They ignore the fact that their tough guy George W Bush was in the White House when 9/11 occurred. They ignore the facts about more guns, invading Iraq, taking in refugees, and torture. They ignore most facts and continue to live in their own little dream world. A world where trickle down economics works. A world where torture yields results. A world where invading other countries makes us loved and admired around the world. A world were reality is not real.

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