The Myth of the Conservative Tough Guy

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November 17, 2015 by Chris Kite

Conservatives often like to talk tough. They will tell you exactly how tough they are. But in reality, many conservatives are more like scared little children.

They are afraid of refugees. They will argue that it is just common sense because Syrian’s were behind the attacks in Paris. And yet, when you point out that most, if not all of the terrorists in Paris were citizens of European Union countries, they will still argue it makes sense to keep the refugees out.

When you point out that Timothy McVeigh was a white, gun rights, anti-government Christian born US Citizen that killed hundreds. Yeah. Well that is different? How exactly?

Conservatives are afraid of many things. They often feel the need to carry a gun everywhere they go. Why? For protection? From what? They’ll tell you they need it to protect their family from crime. Random crime is exceedingly rare. Instances of guns being used to stop bad guys are even more rare. And yet, they will argue that it is their right and the statistics are wrong.

Anyone remember how afraid Conservatives were of Ebola? They insisted that by letting people come from Africa to the US, we were going to see a huge outbreak of Ebola that will kill many, many Americans. They insisted that by not putting those coming back from Africa in quarantine, we were going to kill tons of Americans. Of course it never happened. For unfounded fear.

Conservatives are afraid that if we accept homosexuality, everyone is going to become gay. They will brainwash our children. And force their “lifestyle” on us.

Conservatives are often afraid of those that don’t think like them. You aren’t Christian? Well that’s just wrong. You should not be allowed into our country. You don’t see the need for Christian displays in public? That’s un-American!

They are afraid of minorities having equal rights. Requiring an ID to buy a gun? That’s against my rights. Requiring a photo ID to vote? That’s just good common sense. With all the voter fraud we suffer. Again, when you point out that statistically, voter fraud isn’t an issue in America, they will tell you the statistics have to be wrong.

Conservatives are so afraid of terrorists that they will argue that it is okay to take away some of our rights. It is okay to spy on us. Collect cell phone data. Listen to conversations. Hold suspects without charging them or giving them access to an attorney. But do not take away my right to buy a lethal weapon any time, any place, any way that I please. Because that is my right and in America, we don’t take away people’s rights. Well, other than all those other ones just mentioned.

I am an American. I am not afraid. Bring in refugees from Syria. Put some of them in my neighborhood. I will welcome them. I will not fear them. I will show them that America is a place where we judge you on your character and nothing else. I will show them that Americans believe freedom is a fundamental right and nothing will let us take that away.

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