Why Conservatives are Angry and Afraid

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November 27, 2015 by Chris Kite

Pretty much everyone has noticed that conservatives in America are angry and afraid. Why? The reasons are numerous and varied.

Much of the fear stems from the simple fact that the Republican brand has sold fear for decades. From Willie Horton, to terrorism, to a “War on Christmas,” Republican politicians and right wing propaganda specialists (AKA, Fox “News” and new media outlets like Breitbart “News” Network) have been spouting fear to try to motivate voters.

Then consider their constant failures and mounting evidence of how wrong they are.

Imagine the frustration after selling trickle down economics as the way to solve the United State’s growing economic problems and then having it simply not work. It helped create The Great Depression in the 1930s and the The Great Recession in 2008. Both economic collapses were followed by Democrats getting into office and despite the rhetoric and constant attempts by Republicans to block any efforts at solving our economic crisis the way the Democrat’s have said will work, the blocks are unsuccessful and the economy gets back on track.

Imagine the frustration at trying to bolster the war machinery industry by constantly building our military and flexing our huge military machine to make war on “foes” around the world. You sell a false story of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, invade the country, fail to find any evidence of these weapons of mass destruction, watch the war bog down, and then watch the new “free” Iraq disintegrate into a civil war that actually DOES create terrorists.

Imagine the frustration of predicting a massive outbreak of Ebola and the deaths of thousands and thousands of Americans only to be shown that no outbreak happened. Scientists told us the risk was low. Scientists were right. But the right doesn’t like science!

Imagine the frustration of working for the dirty fuel industry and constantly selling a fairy tale that CO2 was of no danger and was not causing the planet to warm, only to be told by scientists and governments around the world that Global Climate Change is not only real, but is also in evidence by our constantly warming planet. Which can be proven with real, unimpeachable, accurate data that shows exactly how warm the planet has become. And it can be proven with the actual pictures and video of the decline of glaciers and ice around the planet.

Imagine the frustration at fighting gay marriage and proclaiming that it is nothing less than a war on Christianity, only to have the Supreme rule that preventing gay people from getting married is unconstitutional and the majority of the country stand on the side of gay marriage.

Imagine the frustration at selling the solution to our crime problem as more guns, only to see strong evidence that more guns have only made more gun crime.

So there you have it. Republicans are angry and afraid because just about everything they stand for has proven to be wrong. They have constantly failed to execute real solutions. They have constantly shown that their predictions were inaccurate and wrong.

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