Fear of Terrorists

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November 28, 2015 by Chris Kite

The right is worried about terrorists and terrorism. They’ve declared that we should not take in any Syrian refugees because of the danger they pose as potential terrorists. The truth about terrorism in America is that it is far more likely to come in the form of a white male (most likely “Christian”) than it is to come in the form of a dark skinned “Muslim.”

Some of the attacks in the US in 2015 have included a two Muslim extremists that shot at an anti-Muslim “art” exhibit, a white supremisist male shooting and killing nine people at a church in Charleston, a white gunman shooting and killing nine at a community college in Roseburg, Oregon, a white male shooting and killing six at a campsite in Anderson County, Texas, a Muslim extremist shooting and killing four Marines in Chattanooga, group of white males that shot at Black Lives Matter protesters, and a white male that shot up a Planned Parenthood Clinic.

While being caught up in a terrorist incident in the US is highly unlikely and statistically not very probable, you’re more likely to encounter a white terrorist in the US, than a Muslim one.

Yet our GOP Presidential candidates have offered helpful solutions like banning Syrian refugees or only allowing Christian Syrian refugees into the country. They stand by and refuse to do anything to stem hatred like that that inspired so many of the white terrorists in the US. They stand by and refuse to do anything to make it harder for these would be terrorists to get guns.

I’m not afraid of admitting Syrian refugees. Our government does a very good job of checking their backgrounds and insuring they are who they say they are. And it just wouldn’t be a logical way to try to get into the US to commit acts of terrorism. If you could get in as a refugee, you surely could get in as a tourist. But you wouldn’t have to wait months or years.

Why won’t the right support efforts to stem white perpetrated terrorism in this country?

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