About That 18 Year Global Warming Pause – It Doesn’t Exist

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December 15, 2015 by Chris Kite

I admit, there are some rather personal attacks in this YouTube video. It also includes Ted Cruz and his “cute” label of “Climate Alarmists.” I feel like the minute Ted Cruz decided to label Climate Scientists as “Global Warming Alarmists,” he opened himself up to these types of attacks.

But the science and data are very interesting.

It includes dialogue between Ted Cruz and meteorologist Rear Admiral David Titley as Titley calmly and scientifically addresses Ted Cruz’s attack on science.

Like many conservatives, Cruz claims that there has been a pause in global warming for the past 18 years. What Cruz and conservatives fail to address are some key facts.

1 – The data they use is from an estimate that is derived by using satellites to measure the troposphere. This is not nearly as accurate as the data from surface (land and ocean) temperature measurement. It is also a tiny portion of our planet’s climate.
2 – It cherry picks 18 years of data that begins during an very warm El Nino year. Incidentally, the starting date of this data is 1998. The ten warmest years in history include 1998. And the nine other hottest years have all been since 2002. And in the past 18 years, 17 of these years have set record high temperatures over the previous 135 years. The 135 years is the period for which we have measured global temperature data.

It explains in no uncertain terms why those that use the “18 year” argument are incorrect. What I’ve found is that all of these arguments that supposedly prove that climate change isn’t happening are either not inclusive of all the facts or they cherry pick data, and inaccurate data at that.

I would love to find that global climate change isn’t real and isn’t caused by man. Because it would make life simpler and make it less likely that we have been greatly harming the future of humans on our planet. But unfortunately, every time one of these “ah-ha” moments is presented, it is easily refuted by reputable and reliable scientists.

The presentation of these issues is good, because it does ask real questions. And it causes scientists to revisit models and data and ask questions about the accuracy. Sadly, every time, the evidence points to a warming planet that is being largely caused by man-made “greenhouse” gasses.

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