Donald Trump Stays The Course

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December 20, 2015 by skokielib

Everyone remembers when things were going very badly for George W. Bush, and, because he was our President, the United States, George W. Bush said he would stay the course. It showed a pretty high level of ignorance, which generally appeals to the right. The right loves nothing more than “staying the course” when all evidence tells you you’re wrong. Bush promoted it with his Middle East policy, and the right promotes it with global climate change, their assertions that guns have absolutely nothing to do with gun violence, the disastrous results of the last few wars in the Middle East, and with their desire to start still more wars in the Middle East.

Now Donald Trump is adopting it for his misguided policy of halting all Muslim immigration to our country. When told it was dangerous and would likely be used by a recruiting tool (not just by Democrats, but by most of his Republican counterparts, too), he says he doesn’t care. He’s sticking with it.

To those on the right, inability to admit mistakes is a sign of strength. When you’re wrong, dig in and stand by being wrong. Only weaklings admit mistakes. They loved it when Bush did it and they even re-elected him for it. Well, for that, and for “keeping us safe.” Kind of disregarding the fact that he had the distinction of being the American President with the most American lives lost to Islamic terrorists. Apparently they also love it when Donald Trump does it.

Ignorance is a desirable trait to the right.

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