Toddlers With Guns Kill More People Than Terrorists


December 31, 2015 by skokielib

There have been more than 70 gun shot deaths in the US caused by children accidentally discharging guns in 2015. Over twenty of those deaths were by toddlers (children 3 or younger) that “accidentally” got their hands on a gun. There have been 19 gun shot deaths in the US by Islamic terrorists in 2015. In fact, guns are the ONLY method in which terrorists have killed people in the US in 2015. There were five people killed in Chattanooga, TN in July and 14 people killed in San Bernardino, CA in December.

We spend almost $40B a year in the US on Homeland Security. We spend absolutely nothing trying to reduce accidental gun shot deaths. We spend nothing! The NRA has insisted its representatives in our country not allow funding of gun deaths.

Gun Rights advocates tell us our second amendment rights must not be violated. While not an absolute, the Gun Rights crowd tends to be politically conservative. Political conservatives are willing to start wars to avoid terrorism. They are willing to put people in prisons without charges. They are willing to torture. They are will to allow electronic eavesdropping. They are willing to submit people to fully body x-ray scans. But the second amendment rights are absolute to them.

Only in the United States of America, a country with a gun culture disease, would something like this take place.

One thought on “Toddlers With Guns Kill More People Than Terrorists

  1. Jan Stone says:

    We can only wish, hope, pray gun-right advocates would open their minds to logically thinking like you’ve laid out. Political “conservatives” are probably more aptly described as terrorists. Their close-minded, short-sighted, un-Christian-like behavior is dangerous and a blight to our country. Here’s to making America fair again in 2016.


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