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January 17, 2016 by Chris Kite

Conservatives aren’t really hard to figure out. If you think about how they think, it is baffling.

Typical Conversations With Conservatives:

How dare you stop us from being “Christian!” Our religion says we must discriminate against you because it would be a sin not too. Religion is protected by the Constitution. And besides, the bible trumps the Constitution.

Wait. You’re Muslim? You should not be able to practice that in our country without being registered. And how dare you argue that your religion doesn’t allow you to follow our laws. We go by the Constitution in this country!

There is absolutely no way that guns have anything to do with gun deaths. You just want to take away our guns. Guns make you safer. It is my constitutional right to own a gun.

Oh come on, that part about a well regulated militia didn’t have anything to do with regulating guns. What do you mean you want to do publicly funded research into gun violence. There is no point. You’ll just skew the data to show guns have something to do with gun violence.

You libtards and your supposed science. There is no such thing as man made global warming and evolution is an unproven theory. The bible proves that God is supreme and that He created man. Evolution had nothing to do with it.

You can’t use that as any proof. It is just written words by someone trying to scare everyone. Besides, you can’t believe those scientists because they are getting paid to look at climate. Of course that is what they’re going to come up with.

So what if the people that refute global warming are funded by the fossil fuel industry or the Koch brothers. That doesn’t mean their “science” isn’t objective.

You liberal morons really believe that crap about socialism, don’t you? The only way to insure a thriving economy is a free market. Competitive factors will insure that companies don’t do bad things and as the rich get richer, that money will trickle down.

You can’t use economic boom-bust cycles as proof free markets don’t work. That’s just a price we have to pay to be free.

Well sure we’ve had problems with monopolies, predatory pricing, and horrible environmental damage in the past. But that could never happen today.

Trickle down economics would prove itself just fine if your were only to lower taxes from these historic high rates. What do you mean taxes are lower now than they have been at other points when our economy was booming. That doesn’t prove anything. You just need to lower taxes some more.

Middle East
We just need to bomb (insert desired country hear) into submission. Our military is superior, America is the best, and they’ll stop terrorism as soon as we show them how tough we are.

You can’t use Afghanistan and Iraq of proof of anything. We didn’t give that enough time to work. Our military is superior and if we would have just left more troops there for a little longer, those countries would have come into line.

What do you mean ISIS was formed in the vacuum left by our invasion of Iraq. That’s ridiculous. ISIS was formed when Obama pulled our troops out. He’s an idiot. No. George W Bush did NOT sign an agreement to remove all our troops at the end of 2011. That just isn’t true.

Talking to conservatives about their so called ideas is enough to make your head hurt!

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