Some Basics About Law (For Carly Fiorina)


January 29, 2016 by Chris Kite

It was no secret during a certain GOP Presidential candidate debate that Carly Fiorina took quite a bit of liberty with what was shown on the now infamous anti-Planned Parenthood videos. The Republican candidates were all piling on about how repulsive, and immoral these folks at Planned Parenthood were for breaking the law and selling dead baby parts. They weren’t concerned with facts. Facts like the videos were heavily edited. Facts like investigations had shown the Planned Parenthood had broken no laws. Facts like despite right wingers hatred of abortion, it is still perfectly legal in the US.

But Carly Fiorina went a step further. She made up things that weren’t even in the video. And when called out on that, she stood her ground.

Well now that Planned Parenthood has been cleared once again, and the tables have turned and indictments were issued against two of the video “masterminds,” Carly Fiorina was again asked what the significance of these finds was.

She says it doesn’t change the facts. That they’re still guilty, just like Hillary Clinton for attacking Benghazi (yeah, I know, that isn’t what the right has claimed, but I figure if you’re gonna lie, go big or go home).

So here are some FACTs for Carly Fiorina:

In the United States of America, the United States Constitution is the law of the land. And the 5th, 6th, and 14th amendments mean that you’re innocent until PROVEN guilty. It is, in fact, the basis of our legal system that you are innocent until proven guilty. And so far, every official body that has investigated Planned Parenthood AND Hillary Clinton’s role in Benghazi, or the cover up of Benghazi, or the failure of Hillary Clinton to storm the embassy and wipe out the militants, or whatever it is the GOP thought they were going to find, has found no evidence of guilt. That is the same, by the US Constitution, as being innocent. And it is a long way from being guilty.

That seems like a relatively important fact for someone running for the highest office in the land!

One thought on “Some Basics About Law (For Carly Fiorina)

  1. Jan Stone says:

    I also loved, loved, loved her remarks about zero-based budgeting. Yeah, that’ll work in her world where facts and reality are a tad skewed…..;)


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